Martha Project: Day 6, Weekly Cleaning - Bathroom

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Yesterday, Friday was bathroom day. I have to be honest this was the day of the week that I was dreading. This is the one thing that I have not taken on in awhile. Usually, my husband takes care of cleaning the bathroom, I'm really lucky that way. But, since I'm taking on this project I thought that I would have to tackle the bathroom.
I did not take any before and afters for the bathroom because I did not think that it would look that different in pictures, since there is not a lot of clutter.

This was defiantly the hardest of the weekly cleaning tasks so far. I started by cleaning the sink and mirror and then moved on to the toilet. This was really what I did not want to clean, but I got over my grossed outness and cleaned the toilet. Finally, I cleaned the shower; this took me the longest and was the hardest part of the bathroom to clean.
Hopefully, next week this will not be as hard.
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