Martha Project: Day 1

Today I launched into my household Martha project by putting together my cleaning products according to Martha's Universal Clean Kit.

I really had no idea what I had as far as cleaning products went. When I clean I usually just grab what is under the sink and start cleaning. I obviously have a lot to learn.

So, my first step was to take out all the cleaning supplies that I had around the house and compare them to the checklist.

All my cleaning supplies!
Now, the checklist, let's see how I compared.
  • An all purpose cleaner, Check! I have a couple of those.
  • A mildly abrasive cleanser, I think comet works. Check!
  • Glass cleaner, after talking to my husband I found it in the basement. Check!
  • Rubber gloves, Check!
  • Lint-free white clothes, I have paper towels and I think I have some rags around the house somewhere. Sort of Check!
  • Medium-bristled scrub brush, do not have, will have to buy.
So, I just I didn't do half bad against Martha's Checklist. I'm going to CVS today and I will pick up the medium-bristled scrub brush.
I'm ready for the challenges ahead, bring on the dirt!!!

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i recently gave up on just about all commercial cleaners after watching "how clean is your house" and also reading "1001 home remedies." you can get just about anything clean with salt, baking soda, lemons, and vinegar. no more scary chemicals! but i do need some better scrubbing brushes.

I was thinking about switching over to homemade cleaners as well. I think it will be better for my home as well as save me some money.

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