Martha Project: Day 2

Martha's Daily Chore List

Martha states that if you get into a habit of doing these 6 chores on a daily basis you'll be able to stay ahead of the chaos.

1. Make the Bed
I do make the bed every day, but I have to admit that I do not tuck in the corners. When I get to the section on making the bed I'm sure I'll learn the correct way to make the bed.

2. Manage Clutter
I tried to do this today, I did okay but I did not get all the clutter. I think the more you pick up clutter as you enter and exit rooms the better your house looks.

3. Sort the Mail
Every day, after the postman delivers the mail I take it out of the mail box and go through it for anything important. I also get rid of the junk mail. Martha says to put a trash bin near the door that you get the mail from, so I moved a basket near the door and another basket for recycling. She also suggests that you have four boxes; personal correspondence, bills, catalogs, and filing. Right now I only have piles so I will have to get some bins.

4. Clean as You Cook
I did not cook today so I did not get a chance to try this out. But, the next time that I do cook I will let you all know how this works.

5. Wipe up Spills While They're Fresh
This is something that I do already, letting a stain sit makes the clean up worse.

6. Sweep the Kitchen Floor
Since I did not cook today I did not sweep the floor because we cleaned heavily this past weekend. But, I can see how this would be helpful after you have cooked to make sure that no food is left on the floor.
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i almost never make my bed. when i do i feel like it starts me off on a good note and i'm more conscientious and careful about mess the rest of the day. fascinating! i like this list. i'll try to keep up :D

It is pretty do able list. I think if I start out by making my bed each morning I'll be able to keep up with the rest of the list. Less likely to get lazy throughout the day.

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