New Window Update/Living Room & Dining Room Project

Last weekend, we got a little bit further with the living room/dining room project we have been working on since the beginning of August.

On Saturday, we worked on the outside, putting up new shingles, trim and window sill. We got pretty far before the end of the day. Unfortunately, on Sunday it rained so we had to post pone finishing the outside shingle and painting.

On Sunday, while it rained we installed the insulation and drywall on for the entire window wall. The credit for this really has to go to my husband Aaron would accomplished this in one day by himself, while I went out and did the grocery shopping, errands, etc... to get us caught up.

This weekend we will be working on taping the drywall and patching other walls that need some work. As well as coming up with a final design concept for the all the finish materials.
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Book Review: 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget

"10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget"
by the writers of wise bread

This is a great resource for saving money. I took this out from the library a few weeks ago and found some very helpful tips about saving money. Usually when I take books like these out, I do not really learn anything because they are filled with the same old tips; create a budget, brown bag your lunch, etc... This book is different because it breaks everything down by specific categories and tips that you can follow to really save some money that you probably have not seen before.

Here are some of the categories they cover related to Home Design:
  • Ways to create a gourmet kitchen for less
  • Frugal party ideas
  • Free gift wrapping ideas
  • Great inexpensive gifts
  • Going green inexpensively
  • Lower heating costs
  • etc...

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