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Next week I'll be starting a personal challenge that I'm going to write about on this blog. I just read "Julie & Julia" by Julie Powell and got inspired. My challenge is based on housekeeping instead of cooking, since my housekeeping skills are less than stellar.

I'll be following Martha Stewart's "Homekeeping Handbook" and tackling over 400 topics (I'm omitting Moving because we will not be moving anytime soon) over the course of this year. My house is not messy, but I always feel as though I have some clutter and can never really get the house to look as clean and organized as I would like. I could not think of a better person to learn about all things housekeeping than Martha. The book is very comprehensive and hopefully by the end I'll have a more organized and cleaner home, as well as a better understanding of how to keep up with my clutter.

Here's hoping Martha can turn this lazy/corner cutting housekeeper into a more detail oriented and methodical tamer of dirt.

And for all my family, friends and anyone else who follows my renovation updates, I will still be posting those as we finish more and more renovations in our new home throughout the year.
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I am looking forward to it!

sounds like an interesting undertaking! my house IS messy and full of clutter and i need this BADLY :P

I'm hoping that at least a few of these cleaning tips stick and that my house is cleaner for it.

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