Organizing Will Save You Money

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By simply organizing your home you will save yourself money because you will always know where to find everything and you may even be able to make some money by having a yard sale or selling items you no longer need on www.craigslist.org.

  • Start by sorting through your closet and take out any clothes that you haven't worn during the last year, most likely you will not wear them in the future.
  • Do the same thing for your shoes.
  • Continue this process throughout your home getting rid of anything that you just don't use any more.
  • Next start to organize items. In your closet put like items together, for example pants with pants, dresses with dresses.
  • To save some money reuse shoe boxes instead of buying storage boxes to organize small items, but remember to label the outside of the box to locate items quickly.
  • Sort through your pantry to see what you have so that you don't over buy next time you're at the grocery store and throw out expired food.
  • After you've sorted and organized hold a yard sale and make some money off all the stuff you don't use anymore.
To keep yourself on track use the monthly organization calendar at www.lifeorganizers.com.


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