10 Easy Ways to Stage for an Open House

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Here are some easy staging tips to keep in mind when getting ready for an open house.

  1. Make sure that the kitchen counter tops are clear and clean.
  2. Organize the kitchen drawers.
  3. Clear out as many personal items as you can, so that people will be able to imagine themselves living in the house.
  4. Hang up or store away all jackets and boots in the front hall.
  5. Arrange furniture so that it has a purpose, example a sitting area around a fireplace.
  6. Clear out all dirty laundry and freshen up all room with 'Fabreese'.
  7. Make all beds.
  8. Organize closets to show space.
  9. Clear all extras from the bathroom and add a plug in air freshener.
  10. Add fresh flowers and open windows to let in light.


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