Day 17: Kitchen Organizing

Kitchen Organizing

Organizing has always been easier for me than cleaning. After reading Martha's recommendations on organizing in the kitchen, I found that I was on the right track. Martha recommends organizing your kitchen for what works for you, there is no wrong way, it is meant to make your life easier.

Here are a couple of Martha's tips that I chose to follow:
Stacking pots and pans so that they take up less space in your drawers/shelves.

Keeping all your like items together in one area of the kitchen. This is a spice rack that my Dad built for us one christmas I have it right next to my range. This allows me easy access to spices while I'm cooking.

Use a drawer organizer for storing your silverware.

I do find that when my home is organized I am less stressed and have more time. Having a place for everything makes it easier to keep everything organized.
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what a neat way to challenge yourself (with martha's tips)! makes for a very interesting blog...


Thanks. It is defiantly challenging.

Loving all your tips! Thanks for stopping by!
Have a wonderful day

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