New Window

This weekend Aaron, his dad and my dad replaced an old picture window from the fifties with two new energy efficient double hung windows.

Here is what the old picture window looked like on Friday night.

There was a large amount of wood rotting around the window. It was becoming a safety hazard.

After removing the window they had to rebuild the frame because the new window was slightly bigger than the old one.
Ready for the window.

It fits!!

And this is how we left it on Saturday, when we removed the wall board to take the old window out we found that there is no insulation in the walls of the house. So, before we put new wall board up we will insulate the wall and later blow insulation into the rest of the walls of the house.
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The new windows look great! :)

Wow - looks like quite a project. Glad you had some manly men to help!

Great new window :-)

Why is it that every time you do a home reno project, it turns into something way bigger than it started out to be?!

Kelly @ DesignTies

That is a good question, I asked myself the same thing last weekend.

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