Tear Down the Wall, Day 1: Part 1

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This past weekend we tackled our "tearing the wall down" project in between the living room and dining room. We had a load of help from my parents, my grandmother, my brother and Aaron's parents.

Saturday 15th: 8am
Here are what the rooms looked like before it all started.

Saturday 15th: 10am
Aaron and my Dad have taken off the moldings and started to ripe out the wall board.

Saturday 15th: 10:15am
They have now gotten almost all the wall board off and are ready to start removing the studs.

Saturday 15th: 10:30am
Here go the studs.

Saturday 15th: 11:00 am
Here is what the project looked like by the time that they broke to take the debris to the dump and eat some lunch.

Come back tomorrow for Tear Down the Wall, Day 1: Part 2.


i'm sure it'll be worth the work, both for enjoying the living space yourselves and for reselling down the line. was this not a load-bearing wall at all? you could just rip out all of the studs without having to brace anything? Lucky!

We are already enjoying the space, so much more light and cross ventilation. We had a contractor we know tell us if we could take the wall out, it was not supporting anything so we were able to take it out without any problems.

Wow! There is so much potential with this project. :) I can't wait to see Pt 2 tomorrow, and everything that comes after.

Hi Caroline,

wow, this looks like a lot of work but im sure it's just as exciting too!

thank you for visiting my blog:)
Have a great week!

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