Living Room/Dining Room/ Hall Project: More Demo

Last week I showed you how we started our living room/dining room/hall project by tearing down the wall in between the living room and dining room.

This weekend we continue the project with more demo by taking down the rest of the wallpaper in the living room and most of the wallpaper in the hall. This time it was only myself and Aaron so it was slow going but, we did make considerable progress.

By the end of Saturday we had one wall in the hallway done and started on the finishing the living room, (this weekend we did not start until 11am, we wanted to sleep in a little this weekend). We stopped at around 5pm.

Sunday, we started again, working from 11am to about 3pm. We finished the living room and most of the second wall in the hall. The hall that is adjacent to the living room/dining room had the same wallpaper as the living room, which had been painted over and plastered over in certain parts which made it harder to take down than regular wallpaper.

When we stopped at 3pm, we went on a cleaning rampage because the dust was driving me crazy.

Later this week I'll be able to finally show off the finished bathroom, stay tuned.

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I had to tackle a bathroom with painted over wallpaper and it was no picnic. I feel for you!

Wow! You are a tough cookie...I can't wait to see the end result. Good luck.

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